Creating Community

Life is made to be done with other people. We are meant to band together, lock arms with our neighbors, and work together as a team to make life happen. Local Habit is a place for a community to thrive. Our chairs and tables desire to be filled daily. Our back patio is designed to be used for play and good conversation over an incredible cup of coffee. Our meeting room upstairs is created for ideas to spark and businesses to thrive. Local Habit is designed to be your home away from home.

We believe life is too short to drink bad coffee. Our drinks made at Local Habit are produced to fuel a better outlook, a better day, and a better connection with people around you. The people who walk through our front door, guests and team members, are all a part of something grand. Every single person has dreams and goals and desires they want to see come to life. Our shop is a place for you to sit, sip on high quality coffee, and make your dreams happen. A place for you to gather with friends and laugh so hard you’re crying. A place for you to make memories with your kids on a sunny Saturday morning. A place for relationships to deepen and flourish more than ever.

Come join us in creating a place for this community to thrive and for Local Habit to be a part of your everyday routine.

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