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We are a merry band of coffee fanatics who believe life is far too short to drink bad coffee. We are passionate about smaller communities and more importantly the amazing people that live in them! We want the people we love to be able to experience the highest quality third wave specialty coffee and use it to fuel a better outlook, a better day, and a better connection with their neighbors.

Our motto is GO MAKE SOMETHING GOOD HAPPEN. We believe that spreading good in the world should be your primary Local Habit. This can be a smile, a pat on the back, a prayer, or even just a conscious choice to focus on the beauty in your community instead of the bad. We invite you to come be a part of our team and more importantly a part of the solution to the negativity in our world!

Coffee - The “cherry” on top of all that we do!

While coffee is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, most people do not know that coffee is actually a cherry that grows on short trees. The coffee bean is the pit of the cherry! That cherry is picked, the pit processed through a variety of different methods, and then finally roasted to be consumed by you and me. When done properly, this results in spectacularly different flavor profiles between locations, processing methods, and roast parameters. The flavors even change year to year depending on the weather!

Here are two grades of coffee: specialty and commodity. At Local Habit we source only specialty grade coffees in order to give you the best flavor and experience available. Of all coffee grown in the world, less than 1% scores as specialty grade! We hope that you will let us guide you down the rabbit hole that is great coffee and introduce you to new methods and flavors!


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Cody Peek


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Joshua Wiggins


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