Go Make Something Good Happen

We are all about making good things happen in our city. Local Habit’s goal is to provide exceptional third wave coffee but with a twist - we want to encourage our local community to turn around and make good happen for them and for others. This world is full of ups and downs. We have to be there for each other to make it through. Our motto at Local Habit is to push our community to see the good in life. To see the good then make more good happen in their own tiny communities.

Making something good happen for others can be a small act or a big act. At Local Habit we want you to take the fuel and energy from our coffee and use that to transform your world into a better place. Local Habit exists to spark a revival of local communities and the beauty they inherently possess by bringing people together over exceptional third wave specialty coffee. We want to be a catalyst to open people’s eyes to see the unique gift that is their community. We then want them to take the joy and good vibes they get from us out into their local town and GO MAKE SOMETHING GOOD HAPPEN!

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